Persuasive Essay On The Us Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is without a doubt the foundation of U.S. Law from which all other laws stem from. Not only does the constitution outline the basic civil liberties and laws, but also protects U.S. citizens from an unfair government. This safe guard to the American people provides a special brand of freedom, and protection from the government. Though all laws abide by the constitution, not all of them can be perfectly aligned with each special situation that individual states may carry; this is where amendments nine and ten come into action, to provide a statement of reserved powers. With the creation of the Constitution, the U.S. became its own, allowing its citizens freedoms that were not clearly defined before. The brand of freedom…show more content…
Constitution needed to clearly outline what the government was not allowed to do. This restraint on government would not allow the possibility of an abuse of power from the government or any of its affiliates. The need for restrictions of the government was also learned from the abuses dealt by British control over Colonial America. With proper representation and laws in hand the Colonies where able to join and defeat the British, thus gaining independence. The very First Amendment provides freedom of religion, speech, and press to allow U.S. citizens to openly criticize any matter, political or not, and not be prosecuted for it. The freedom of defense with firearms allows the citizens to be on equal terms with any force against them is included in the Second Amendment. The protection of privacy of personal living space and belongings are protected by the Third and Fourth Amendments. Clearly the founders of the Constitution had the rights of the people at the forefront of their intentions, and not the potential power they could have gained for…show more content…
The Ninth Amendment states that “the enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people” (U.S. Constitution). This means that the Ninth Amendment is not actually distributing any rights, and is indeed just talking about the other amendments. This all encompassing amendment limits the government from reaching out and grabbing any small detail that may not have been mentioned in the Constitution and using it to expand in power. This Amendment is quite vital as it allows retained rights of the people thus stating other rights do exist even if they are not really mentioned in the Constitution and violation of those right can still

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