Persuasive Essay On The Pay Gap

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In the state of Illinois, women make seventy-nine cents for every dollar that men make. This means that women get paid 79% of what men get paid for the same job, with the same education, and the same set of skills. This is called the wage gap, which emphasizes why women are more likely to be poor. In fact this is not the only reason why women are driven into poverty. Women are more likely to be impoverished because of the wage gap, the jobs that women have, and their children. The main reason that women are more likely to go into poverty compared to men is the wage gap. The wage gap is the average difference between a man and womans income while working the same job. This pay gap has gotten smaller over the years, and some states have laws…show more content…
There are laws that say that the wage gap will no longer be in place. This is very true. There are several laws for each state saying that men and women need equal pay. Despite these laws, like the Equal Pay Act, or other laws that have “removed” the wage gap, women are still being paid significantly less than men. As mentioned previously, women are paid 79% of what men earn. The Equal Pay Act says, ““Society keeps telling us that STEM fields are masculine fields, that we need to increase the participation of women in STEM fields, but that kind of sends a signal that it’s not a field for women, and it kind of works against keeping women in these fields”, which should have gotten rid of discrimination against women, but it didn't. Companies still find their way around paying men and women equal wages, by still following the…show more content…
Close to 60% of children in the united states, who are living in a single mother family are impoverished. However, only 11% of two parent families are in poverty. This is very important because there are close to approximately 10,000,000 single mother families in the united states, and if 60% of those are in poverty, then close to 6,000,000 families are in poverty in the U.S. because they have a single mother. This is an issue because that is a lot of people living in poverty. If women don't get paid enough because of their lower paying jobs and the wage gap, then it is almost impossible to raise children while being a single mother. Also, many parents take time off of their work to take care of their children. Single parents usually have to take more time off of their work to take care of their child. However, this is difficult for salaries. An article about parenting says , “Some large or family-friendly companies employees six paid weeks of maternity leave, but many do not.”. This is an issue. IF mothers, specifically single mothers are not paid while taking care of their children, then it is way harder to stay above the poverty line. Children already cost a lot of extra money for two parent families, and if single mothers take time off to take care of their kids without any pay, then that makes the poverty problem
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