Persuasive Essay On The NSA

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The NSA was established in November of 1952 with the goal of creating another organization that keeps our country safe. They were highly regarded, however little was known about their operations until recently. In 2013, Edward Snowden, a former NSA intelligence worker leaked some information that would change the way America thinks about the NSA to this day. He exposed the NSA for allegedly spying on the American people, and recording everyone’s phone calls to keep on record. He also exposed them for internet spying on large groups of people without warrants. While all not incorrect, there is more to what they are trying to do then what is being portrayed. While there are many reasons why the NSA surveillance is good for the people of the U.S,…show more content…
The National Security Agency does exactly what the name suggests. They keep the nation we all live in secure. Although they have been put in a bad light due to some operations that many have questioned and openly spoken out against, all of their actions are done with the American people in mind. In late 2013, however, a traitor to our country named Edward Snowden leaked sensitive information to the people, turning them against their government giving terrorists a better idea of the anti-terrorism measures the U.S has in place. What was originally a silent mission to weed out the enemies among friends, was now twisted into something that it was never intended to be by traitors to our country and the media. The main goal of the NSA is to win the war on terrorism. This is why their surveillance is a necessary operation that can not be…show more content…
With new anonymous browsing tools, a new underground internet known as “The Deep Web” has arisen and is being used by criminals across the world. An example of an illegal website that was recently discovered, and seized by the FBI was an online drug and weapons market called silk road. Silk road was a very successful website where you could log on from the comfort of your home, and buy drugs from vendors all over the world with Bitcoin. This is not the only illegal website that this has to offer. There are plenty of illegal services ranging from hit-men that run their websites through the deep web, and pedophiles that post child pornography with no repercussions. These are the kinds of illegal activities that happen when there is no monitoring on the web. There is a simple fact that people behave better when they think they are being watched. Although you might not be targeted at all times, the fact that there is a possibility that your activity could be being monitored is enough for people to straighten up a bit. A similar example would be traffic light cameras. People are less likely to run red lights when there is a camera, therefore the camera is doing it’s job. Law enforcement could put up a camera that wasn 't plugged in, and it would still reduce violators simply because of the fact that they think they are being
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