Persuasive Essay On The Legal Use Of Marijuana

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Human rights are natural birth rights distinctive to all beings, despite all extra aspects such as ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc…. Setting aside social class, wealth, and other artificial things, we are all born free and equal. All beings should have basic rights - the right to life and happiness. As long as their motives are not affecting others in a negative way. So, with this being said I am trying to explain that nobody should control another 's life as long as they are causing no harm. And this opinion of mine covers a broad spectrum of things - gay rights, the right to bear arms, gender equality, religious belief, and of course, the right to usage of marijuana.

Marijuana originally became outlawed in America in the
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In the case of marijuana usage, imprisonment is in direct violation of our rights as human beings. Thousands of lives are damaged with the contamination of having a criminal record. Should someone 's future be jeopardized for being in possession of or using marijuana? According to our law system, yes. Costs to those arrested often lingers for years. When people are arrested for possessing marijuana, it is likely to have extreme consequences affecting their eligibility for public housing and student financial aid, chances of employment, custody of their children, and immigration status. And though marijuana usage is equal between black and whites, racist roots of marijuana prohibition still play out today. Blacks are nearly 4 times as likely to be arrested for being in possession of marijuana and according to New York Stop-and-Frisk 2011 Briefing, 685,724 stops were made of these stops, 310,390 were black (53.1 percent), 197,251 were Latino (33.7 percent), and 53,726 were white (9.2
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