Persuasive Essay On The Freedom Of Religion

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America’s constitution states that all Americans have freedom of religion. Religion is a subject that America, in fact struggles with a lot, and have many different views about. We hear about atheist and their belief in nothing, but I just believe that atheist are not real, because everyone has to have a belief in something. But then again I could be wrong. To pick and to decide what you believe in, you must first know about the religions and their beliefs to know which one fits you. Religion, as google would say, is defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods ;or also a particular system of faith and worship. There are so many religions all over the world, in which were brought…show more content…
Christians believe in the true and ultimate God. Christians believe that God is the only real true God. Unlike most religions, Christianity is not focused on good deeds or religious rituals, but is focused mainly on “enjoying a relationship with God and growing to know him better.” Christians have a personal relationship with God. Jesus Christ is God’s son. God sent his son to earth in human form. He suffered and died on a cross so that “born again Christian believers” would not have to suffer for their sin in Hell when they die. Most religions have belief in many gods, statues, or in a god that is dead, but Christians believe in a God that not only walked on earth as a human and lived a perfect and sinless life, he also died and rose again. Christians serve, love, and worship a living God. No other religions have a living God. While Jesus was on earth, he was persecuted, mocked, betrayed, and so much more. He performed miracles, forgave people of their sins and said that anyone who believed in him would have eternal life. The bible is believed to be God’s holy word. It was written by man, but was inspired by God. The Bible can be considered a “historical record of Jesus’ life on earth and his miracles.” The Bible also shows “God 's personality, his love and truth, and how one can have a relationship with…show more content…
For one thing both religions believe in one supreme god. Both Christians and Muslims believe their god is the creator of the universe. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is part of the Trinity. Jesus is actually second person in the Trinity. The Trinity is three people in one: father, son, and the holy spirit. Christians believe that God sent him to earth to die for everyone and pay the price for their sin. Muslims believe that their God, Allah sent Jesus as a non divine prophet. But both religions believe that Jesus was born of a virgin. In the afterlife, Christians believe that believers will go to Heaven and be with God and Jesus. Muslims believe that they will go into paradise once they died, if they were faithful enough, but if they were not, then they will go to hell. Christians believe that Heaven is, “The place where Jesus atoned for the sins of the world. It is only through this sacrifice that anyone can be saved from the wrath of God (1 Pet. 2:24).” Islam believes, “Jesus did not die on the cross. Instead, God allowed Judas to look like Jesus, and he was crucified instead. For Christians, the devil was an angel in heaven. He wanted to be God. He tries to lead people and keep people away from God, but for muslims, they believe, “Iblis, a fallen jinn. Jinn are not angels nor men but created beings with free wills. Jinn were created from fire, (2:268; 114:1-6).” Heaven,

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