Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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Since 1976, 1,438 legal executions have been carried out in the United States (deathpenaltyinfo). Thirty six of our fifty states, along with some branches of the Federal Government and the U.S. Military have death penalty statutes in place. Aside from lethal injection, these statutes allow a number of horrific methods of execution, such as: electrocution, lethal gas, firing squads, and even hanging (clarkprosecutor). Lethal injection is most commonly used throughout the United States, and is said to be the most humane method. Compared to its contemporaries, it is the least violent; however, it is a nonetheless a disturbing process, and a rather lengthy one at that. The insensitivity of capital punishment, as well as its inefficiency, lack of purpose, and excessive costs are some of the many reasons why the death penalty should be abolished. The insensitivity of the death penalty is the first of many reasons why it should be abolished. As we know, past executions were public events and served as a form of entertainment that anyone was invited to experience. Although modern day executions require several witnesses, they occur behind prison doors rather than in a public area. Executions today are rather private compared to past executions, but their drawn-out process is insensitive to everyone involved. The relatives of…show more content…
Each capital case in Texas alone costs taxpayers roughly 2.3 million dollars, three times the cost of holding one prisoner in maximum security for forty years (deathpenaltyinfo). Furthermore, the cost of the injection alone is around eighty-three dollars, and the rest is included in trials and incarceration (forbes). The cost of one capital case is exponentially higher than the cost of a trial regarding life without parole. Most expenses are hidden, and are revealed only as the tedious legal proceedings unfold.
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