Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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Life is one of the few things that is truly precious in our lives, and the justification of taking one’s away for committing a heinous act seems just impertinent. In society today, there are those who will follow the rules, and those who go against all of our morals and commit crimes such as murder. While the idea of an eye for an eye may seem solid at the surface, when you actually look into the numbers it becomes almost useless. So the proper punishment that those individuals should receive is not what they have already given to others. Capital punishment needs to be abolished in today’s day and age due to the astronomical cost, an inconsistent justice system, and the idea of committing murder on those who have already committed it. While…show more content…
Those flaws will then result in an innocent man or woman being executed. Since 1973, there have been at least 121 people removed from death row because they were found later to be innocent. Over that same period of time, 928 people were executed (Pros). Based off the large amount found to be innocent, just imagine how many of those who were executed were actually innocent. Even though our current system does allow for many repeals, in the end those found to be guilty will be executed regardless. A study by the Columbia University of Law took a good look at the death penalty and the appeals process. Throughout it, they found that two thirds of all capital trials had serious errors(Innocence). Russ Feingold, a former US senator released this quote from 2000, “Since the reinstatement of the modern death penalty, 87 people have been freed from death row because they were later proven innocent. That is a demonstrated error rate of 1 innocent person for every 7 persons executed. When the consequences are life and death, we need to demand the same standard for our system of justice as we would for our airlines().” Those numbers are different from the previous statistics, but that is just due the difference in time from which they were published. The quote as a whole still held a very solid idea; we need to hold our justice system as high as we hold our airlines. Whilst that is just…show more content…
One of which is from the point of view from the victim’s family. Realistically if someone slaughtered your loved one, there is a decent chance the feeling reciprocated would be one filled with hatred and the desire for justice. For some, at that junction, they may believe that killing them right back is the answer. Those who also justify capital punishment also believe that the cost for capital punishment as a whole ends up balancing out with the amount of money one would have to spend to keep the individual who committed the crime in
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