Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death penalty must be abolished in America in 2016. The death penalty happens to give America a painful image to the community and is making America a selfish country. A citizen 's job would consist of executing Americans, for a capital crime, that they may, or may have not committed. A tourist could be turned away at the fact that we use the government to corrupt the inmates by putting them through torture for a crime that they possibly did not commit. The death penalty can put innocent individuals in danger. Race also plays a huge factor to the executions of a civilian’s life. The death penalty can be racially discriminated against. Capital punishment or the death penalty is administration allowed penalty of death. Offenses that can…show more content…
Cases such as Richard Masterson in Texas, he was accused of a murder in 2002. Forensics files came back false and he was on death row at the time, he was executed in 2016. Another case could be Brian Terrell; he was also accused of a murder. His footprints were found near the body, but were smaller than the victim’s body. None of the 13 fingerprints matched his fingerprints. Terrell was executed in 2015, on a murder charge he was convicted of in 1995. Another case of innocence was in 1991, where Troy Davis was accused of murdering a cop. A few witnesses changed their stories after giving a testimony. Troy Davis was executed in 2011 when he falsely committed a crime. “By reserving the penalty of death for black defendants, or for the poor, or for those convicted of killing white persons, we perpetuate the ugly legacy of slavery-- teaching our children that some lives are inherently less precious than others.” -Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, former President, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1989. God can only make the final decision on whether you stay here or you go. What you have done is in the past, only yourself and God can forgive…show more content…
25 countries besides the United States carried out executions. Over 1500 different executions took place in 2015. The largest number of executions happened in the countries of China, Pakistan, and Iran. China has over 1000 killings, Iran had over 950 killings, and Iran had over 300+ executions in the year 2015. America ranks 5th in the world by executions per year. America’s death penalty can put fear into other countries, it teaches them that the crimes they are committing are not to be tolerated. Pain and suffering is the best way to teach someone a lesson. If someone has life in prison, they would not care for their actions and consequences. This would make one act out of character and do things that are out of the norm. The death penalty could possibly be a way to demonstrate a lesson to those who think they cannot be defeated. However, America has some of the lenient government rules and guidelines. The United States of America is a great tourist location for individuals all over the world. Citizens live what some people would call the “American Dream” which people from other countries would die to have. The death penalty should be abolished and banned in the United States of America because of the fact that it is turning other people from different countries away from America. The death penalty falsely accuses people of crimes; it also puts innocent people at risk a

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