Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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Capital crime is something that is meant for people that are found guilty of committing a serious crime, such as murder, rape, or theft. These are offences that should not be taken lightly but by killing the offender, the government is carrying about the action that they are trying to prevent. There are many other ways for the government to enforce federal laws that don’t involve the killing of an individual. After this person is executed, there is obviously nothing that can be done for the terrible mistake to be reversed. The death penalty should be abolished because it costs more money than life imprisonment, numerous innocent people are condemned to death row, and it is cruel and inhumane. I don’t support the death penalty because it shows just how savage humans can be with each other. However, many Americans support the death penalty for a number of reasons. After someone’s loved one is murdered, the family…show more content…
The excessive amount of money that is being spent on executions annually in states across the United States could easily be spent towards something that can make society better and more protected. Richard Dieter writes, “The costs of the death penalty must be compared to other ways of achieving a safer community. The money saved by giving up the death penalty is desperately needed elsewhere: for hiring and training police, solving more crimes, improving forensic labs and timely DNA testing, and crime prevention”. Even though some monetary contributions can be made to the government to help protect society, there can also be money spent to help better things within society. “Surely there are more pressing needs deserving funding, such as retaining police officers, rebuilding roads and bridges, creating jobs, providing health care for children, and keeping libraries open” (Dieter). These are positive actions that can be financed with the money that is used to support the death
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