Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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According to statistics, a black male is more likely to get the Capital Punishment if he kills a white. Prosecutors have a higher tendency to pursue these types of cases only because of their racial grudges. Not only are these unfair, they are also given to a defense that give little to no care about winning or have very little experience to actually do something. Millions of dollars are spent on retrials, postponing, and setting up of the execution. I see the death penalty as a cheap way of getting out of a severe punishment. Families should know that the criminal in fault of causing them hard is forever rotting in a cell till he expires. Abolishment of the Death Penalty should spread among all states since it does nothing but cause harm and
Most states who are practicing the Death Penalty do not have a decrease in their crime rates. It very displeasing to also find out that most criminals don 't get caught, most criminals don 't even receive the penalty of death, but the one who are unlucky enough to be given it are doomed to spend year of their life to finally receive their punishment. It more then often takes a decade or sometimes more so receive their punishment, so these criminals don 't obviously make amends for committing their crime since they have a very long time to lose interest in the subject and therefore care less about what they have done. The Death Penalty does not aid in the deterrence of crime, especially murder.
In some cases, innocent people are on death row so in the end some are put to death. These deaths are tragedies that are in no way irreversible but next time those in charge should put the extra effort to reveal their innocence. About 4% of people that are on death row in the US are later found out after death to be not guilty. The Death Penalty Information Center who is in charge of investigating this type of foul play have suspected that a number of prisoners were wrongfully accused and put to death through abuse of
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