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1147 words

As an inquiring high-schooler, it can be extremely overwhelming when researching and finding out all that needs to be paid for. According to CNBC, schools are searching for topnotch staff and amenities that separate them from other campuses. This can not only create a reason to charge more for tuition, but also an allurement for their school to recruit incoming freshman. They also claim that the quickly ascending cost of Division I sports is also a huge play into the price of tuition. Since 1974, the average tuition and housing cost per-year has risen roughly $11,000 and continues to surmount at an average of 12% during this time ( on average, college students tend to pay around $19,000 a year to attend public 4-year schools. Now one may come to ask, what can be done to lower these prices? Along with; why is college tuition so expensive, and what do these high costs do? The high cost of tuition can be credited to regulations from the government, along with colleges competing to acquire the absolute best staff and students. Although not everyone may have access to lowering the cost of …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the high cost of college tuition can be attributed to regulations from the government and colleges competing to acquire the absolute best staff and students.
  • Analyzes schoen's essay on college price inflation, college spending, aftermath of the recession, shrinking subsidies, student debt, subsidy size, and country-wide upper-level education funding.
  • Explains that the article directly addresses their research question. the article's author, john w. schoen, is exceptionally qualified in writing an article on this topic.
  • Analyzes the amount of research and statistics that were put into this publication considering there is so much within it.
  • Opines that the collegeboard website does not answer or give recommendations on how to make tuition cheaper.
  • Analyzes how bobby fong provides information about how much college in 2005 was assumed to cost, along with the actual prices paid during that time.
  • Analyzes how the article directly applies to the research question since it recognizes what mr. fong believes to be the reason why tuition has the price that it does.
  • Analyzes how the article, does federal aid hike college tuition?, relates to the rising cost of tuition due to more financial aid being accessible.
  • Explains how michelle adams discusses how gary wolfram, based on his own experience, found that schools would rather just raise the tuition costs rather than fight for salaries.

Fong believes to be the reason why tuition has the price that it does. Luckily, both questions within the research question were answered along with a considerable amount of reasoning. The main element that helped answer the research question was how he explained the cost of tuition being so high so that colleges and universities are using some of the money being paid as tuition to fund students who need or have earned the aid they 're giving them. Before passing in 2014, Bobby Fong was the president of Butler University and Ursinus College and in 2011 was awarded the President 's Awards from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators for his help in improving the quality of student life at Butler and higher education as a

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