Persuasive Essay On The Confederate Flag

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There is nothing wrong with showing support to your homage, but we need to be respectful about it. It is perfectly stated when a man named Kirk Mayes, who has spoken out against the claims made by haters of the flag says, “The Confederate flag symbolizes racial oppression, but also pride in the South for many Southerners. It really is a symbol of the past. Today, it 's about moving forward. We have to kind of be open to the spirit of forgiving. Not embracing its symbolism of hatred, but recognizing its relevance,” said Mayes. You have to be respectful of both sides of the Flag no matter how you view it. To me, after doing all my research into the topic and the re purposed image of the Flag, I feel as if the “White Privilege” flag doesn’t truly…show more content…
There is a huge difference between people who look at the flag as a symbol of history compared to the hate groups who use the symbol of the flag as a racist sign. The Confederate flag can be seen in the background of many Klu Klux Klan meetings and still to this day the Klan can be seen flying the flag high with pride. These extremists openly express the conception that whites are supreme and degrade other ethnicities as something below themselves. “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, more than 500 extremist groups use the Southern Cross as one of their symbols”…show more content…
The symbol I am talking about is the Confederate Monuments that are filled throughout the south. They can be seen on lawns of court offices, government buildings, and even center city in some places down south. These monuments reflect back to the Civil war and show remembrance for the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the Confederacy. “The United Daughters of the Confederacy once described those marble, bronze, and stone makers as memorials to devotion, the heroism, the brilliancy, and the resourcefulness of the confederate army”(Martinez 1). Obviously, we see the problem with these markers is that after 130 years after the war, we still are worshiping soldiers who were potentially fighting to keep slavery and sustain the Old ways of the south. People may find the symbols very offensive, and start to ask questions and stir drama when they see some partakers of the south still Idolizing rebels who were technically outlaws of America who didn’t want to conform to the
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