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Two years ago one woman graduated from high school while raising a kid all by herself. Now the child is old enough that he is attending kindergarten, and she herself has a great urge to go back to school; to further her education. She applys for FAFSA and receives the pell grant. She is accepted into the colleges of her choice and everything starts to become real. All of a sudden her world comes crashing down; the grant only covers her tuition and books. She still needs to find a way to pay for housing. She has a little money saved up from her job but it’s not enough to cover the first down payment on an apartment, and the dorms don’t allow children. The struggle overwhelms her and she is about to give up on school for good; however, she comes…show more content…
It is a beautiful forty unit living complex, for single students over the age of eighteen with children and who also attend the college. It provides them with a means to attend school and take care of their child without having to worry about housing and childcare services. The Buckner Family Place accepts only forty full time students with children. Angelina College and the Buckner Foundation offer this service because they understand the stress students with children go through while attending college. Having to carry the workload of school, a job, and also taking care of a child would be difficult for anyone. Angelina College wants to make school life a possible and comfortable experience for any parent who wants to continue their education. In order to take advantage of this service, students must first contact Karen Bowser. She can be found either in the Student Center at Angelina College in room 210 or by phone or email. Bowser 's phone number is (936) 633-5230 and her email is Students will then need to fill out an application and apply for the…show more content…
Samantha Leedy also agrees by saying, “When I was down on my luck the Buckner Family Place helped me be able to attend college and get back on my feet. My kids love the amazing community we have there and so do I!”. “The Buckner program helps single parents overcome the obstacles to education of housing, childcare, and transportation ”, explains Karen Bowser, the administrator for the Buckner House at Angelina College. All the students seemed to really love what was being offered to them by the Buckner Foundation and Angelina College and they all agreed that they are “thankful” to have a chance to attend college in the situation they are

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