Persuasive Essay On Terrorism

When someone is asked today what he or she thinks an issue the United States has, more than one comes into mind. We can go on and on about them but the one that really stands out is terrorism. As we have all heard, the Paris attack was unreal and then that followed by the attack that just happened in California. The terrorist attacks are not going to stop if we keep doing nothing about it. We need to continue to keep full body scanners in all U.S. airports, have the power to detain any suspected acts of terrorism, and increase the number of troops over in Afghanistan. To start off with, when we have full body scanners available for use we decrease the number of explosive powers and liquids going onto our U.S. planes that a traditional metal…show more content…
Some are very small and petty but others such as terrorism is ruining a lot of lives. “Al Qaeda can still orchestrate deadly assaults, as it has shown by perpetrating several attacks in the past decade. In particular, Al Qaeda is now recruiting homegrown American Islamic extremists to carry out deadly attacks, and U.S. law enforcement is not as prepared to counter those smaller operations as it is larger ones. The group, now with a new leader since the death of Osama bin Laden, has even branched out to other countries and poses as big a threat as ever to U.S. security” (September 11 Anniversary: Is the U.S. Safer?). It is not okay to be living in fear of having another terrorist attack but unfortunately that is what our country has come to and we are never going to solve this issue until we start cracking down on certain things. We need to continue to have full-body scanners in all airports to protect our citizens on planes, have the power to detain any persons suspected of terrorism, and increase the number of troops in Afghanistan. I’m not saying that these three things will make everything go away forever, but I believe that it is a start in the right direction to a stronger and more protected

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