Persuasive Essay On Teeth

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For the perfect looks, everyone desires to have the perfect white teeth as well. The whiter your teeth are, the better your smile will be. In the cosmetically struck world, these days, getting white teeth are not a problem. People visit their dentists and get the whitening done against few hundred dollars. According to the survey, the Americans are spending more than $1.4 billons to get their required shades of teeth with the whitening products. The things are these teeth whitener or whitening treatments are not permanent at all. You have to sacrifice a lot with your eating habits and the teeth gets fragile too due to the harsh chemicals. Is teeth whitening permanent? How long will it last? As discussed earlier, unfortunately, the teeth whitening procedure is not…show more content…
That plaque is the actual reason that your teeth get yellowish. For the removal of surface stains, the enzymes called malic acid in the strawberry are very useful. The other ingredients that you need in this remedy are to add salt and baking soda. Take 1 or 3 berries and mash them into pulp. After that, add a pinch of salt in it and half teaspoon of the baking soda. While applying it, wipe the saliva off the teeth with paper towel. Apply it on your teeth with the toothbrush and then rinse after five minutes. Apply it at night time. - The baking soda mixture: The baking soda is easily available at home and it is of alkaline nature. So, if you consume some extra amount of acidic food, then it will work fine in your mouth. With the baking soda, you can team up lemon juice or water as per your feasibility or for the balanced usage. You can make it by using the teaspoons of baking soda as per your choice and make a paste with water or lemon juice, now apply to your teeth for a minute if the paste is with the lemon juice. But, if it is in the water, then it can be left for 3 minutes and rinse off. - The coconut oil
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