Persuasive Essay On Teen Sex

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Teen Sex

As we grow older we learn that there are many teenagers all over the world that are analyzing sex more and more today than ever before, It’s not only shocking but it’s also frightening. Learning to prevent teen sex and others at risk are very important, teen sex not only affects teenagers but their families, school and their communities. Teen sex than leads to teen pregnancy. There’s more teen pregnancy due to teens having sex at a young age. Once teens start to experience sex some forget the outcomes that come with it like babies, STD’s and HIV, which is becoming a major issue in the society from Planned Parenthood too Christian opinions. The majority of teens that are having sex are still in middle school and high school, some of them will experience sexual activity before they graduate. Kids that are between the ages or 16-17 should have
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If you can’t go to your parents than you can go to planned parenthood at least someone who can give you knowledge on right from wrong. Some teen’s parents are not active in their life or some just don’t feel comfortable about talking about sex because they made mistakes and don’t want their children too. If you can’t talk to your parents about it than its best that you go to any doctor that can help you instead of listing to your friends because chances are there parents don’t know or don’t care. As a teenager, I still believe no matter what bond you and your parents have, it’s always good to go to them for advice so you don’t make the wrong decisions they did because they couldn’t talk about it with their parents. It’s better than being pregnant and you’re scared to speak up or having a STD, which leads to you becoming depressed and not wanting to keep your baby. Not having enough money for your medication to cure the STD can be a risk
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