Persuasive Essay On Team Work

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I love to working in groups, reasons why is, “Team work.” With team work comes great responsibility, everyone has a job, and in order to get “The Job” completed to its full potential, we all have a great ordeal in getting the job done. When one fails we all fail, there is no “I” in team. That’s what I love the most. We have to work together, its mandatory that we bring each other up and not bring one another down. When one is brought down, we all go down, there are ways of solving problems like this as well, that’s why a team has “The leader” the leader gets involved and corrects any error so we all get back on track. There are leaders weather you like it or not, in order to lead you have to fallow. The leader will teach you the ways of…show more content…
Why do the job if you’re only going to half ass? It’s a waste of time, go waist it somewhere else. Somebody else would love to do the job to its full capacity, move aside and let the pros do their thing. Weather its cleaning toilets, raising vegetables, or shoveling shit, somebody’s going to love to do that and nothing else. You will be surprised. Its individuals who tend to judge and want to put down ones work, but who else is going to do it? Not you, so appreciate. Everyone is needed and everyone has their part in this game called life. This all comes to having a good attitude because that too is also important in a job. If your attitude is shit, your works going to be shit, that’s just how it goes, as you know team work is also important in a job but sometimes some jobs don’t require a team, so it’s you and the job, you’re representing yourself on the way you work, your works shit, your shit. Like they say, work hard, play hard. Everybody loves to play, but nobody wants to work. You can’t play unless you work. I’m telling you. Now my dream job, oh boy! My dream job is to make music to change the world for better, my dream is to finally get rid of the dollar bill and everything it stands for. With my music I want everybody to know there all beautiful and different and its ok. With my music I want peace, no racism no hate. With my music I want the people to feel good, when one feels down I want my music to bring them up, lift there spirit. I want individuals to remember me as a revolutionaries with my music, I don’t want to be remembered for all the money I make, that’s bullshit. If you think music making is easy, boy if you only knew the half hahahaha! The trials and tribulations one has to go through. But believe me, I know everybody has a song to sing. I can’t wait to hear it. With my music I want the people to escape this prison we live in. To me music is everything, I

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