Persuasive Essay On Stereotypes

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Americans have always been curious. Curiosity led to the discovery of our nation, the inventions of such modern-day necessities (like the light bulb and the automobile), and even the search of outer space. However, most all topics have a form of good and bad, and one particularly bad form of curiosity that exists in the majority of the American people has led to the creation of what is referred to as “television' class='brand-secondary'>reality television.” The guilty pleasure of getting an inside look on another person’s life seems completely harmless at a glance, but what’s the catch? You develop stereotypes. The definition of a stereotype is “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing” (“Definition of Stereotype”). The concept is taken very lightly and even overlooked in some aspects, but the presence of stereotypes in…show more content…
The reality shows “Modern Family” and “The Amazing Race” do well in establishing standards to eliminate any stereotypes by incorporating cast members of many cultures, races, and ages, but stereotyping is still an enormous problem in reality television (Lllavador). In fact, stereotyping in reality television over the past decade has only grown worse. In accordance with Llavador’s evaluation, reality television shows and their crew members now use stereotypes as their bridge to success, elaborating on them and deliberately staging scenes around them in order to attract high ratings. The original goal of reality television series to reveal the lifestyle or conflict of an individual to the world has now morphed into a dramatic play of sorts to see what will gather the most response. It seems that portraying women as dense, sex-craved housewives, African Americans as violent, illiterate, and loud, and young adults as irresponsible and disrespectful brats keeps viewers’

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