Persuasive Essay On Sports In School

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Participating in a sport at your school can be a blast. It's common for many teenagers to have sports as a major part of their life in their school career. You get to meet new friends and basically develop a second family. You get to develop relationships that can last forever. You make memories that you'll remember forever.You can work hard but still have a good and fun time with everyone and your activity while your doing it.(WORDING THOSE PARAGRAPHS BETTER LATER) At the high school level, you practice for many hours a day for a school sport but you have other things on top of it like your grades. Athletics and Academic performance continues to be a topic of controversial. Many feel that grades are still a priority if you are in a sport,…show more content…
School should be your top priority. You go to school to learn and get grades. Athletes are considered role models for their school. Young kids and other athlete might even look up to them. Many people in the school look up to them, therefore they should get good grades in school. Athletes represent their school. But this is what a student athlete is. If you are able to manage both, it proves why you should go to a certain college. Not everyone can get accepted into a great college, this is why when they picked what athlete they want, you always want to have a better chance. It shows how responsible you are. Grades shows colleges how much responsibilities you can handle. So students need to do their job at school and put in the work they do just like on the field like the sport. I understand that it's a pain to do homework after practice, but if you stay focused and organized anyone can handle it. Participating in sports can sometimes help with discipline and self-control and maybe help keep them out of trouble. Grades show your characters and help you look well rounded if you have them good. Most athletes will not play after high school, so grades are the most important things in your school experiences. You will need a job after high school, so once your playing ceer is over, no matter how well you did in your sport, the grade in the classroom will help you the best of your…show more content…
I currently cheer for my school and I have to handle my own grades. My coach always stresses about how our athletes represent the school. People look up to many athletes. For example little girls or others from different teams cheer for us and ask us for hugs and pictures after we perform. Your grades are super important to my coach and not just her but other coaches as well. Your are responsible for them! Before each tryout for a sport at my school, you have to get your grades signed by every teacher. After filling out that sheet, you then have to get it sign by your parents so they'll end up seeing your grades. Then you turn it into your coach and you're able to try out. My teacher looks at our grades to see what kind of effort we have in us. Grades do matter for sports. Coaches at my school try and keep up with your grades and make sure you turn in each assignments. I watched many people become ineligible to play their sport and had to sit out because they weren't passing 5 classes. This can be a bad thing because a teammate can let others down by not participated before a big game or like a competions. Since cheer is a team sport, when we are down a person the whole team is effective. A stunt group, which is a group of athletes that life someone up in cheer, cannot lift the girl up in the air if they do not have the whole group. So end of story, turn your work
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