Persuasive Essay On Special Education

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Children with special needs in the United States are being underprivileged at a massive rate. More schools across the country are lowering their special education funding as well as eliminating programs altogether. It is a problem that has to be changed now, or children with special needs may not be as educated as they could possibly be in the future. Special needs education needs to be more funded, more involved, and implemented in more schools and universities around the country. Special education is vital and necessary to children in this country because they deserve the same educational privileges and advantages of being educated in their country just as children without special needs do. Children with special needs who are educated would…show more content…
While the funding for sports teams, stage performances, and other school activities is being raised. Many schools across the country have athletes that are sponsored by athletic companies and are giving funding through these companies for uniforms, game balls, fields, and other amenities. Children with special needs should be given the same privilege as other students as well as athletes to get the education that they rightfully deserve. Is it right to spend money for football and basketball players to wear Nike uniforms to all of their games and let children with disabilities go without an education? This baffling question is what plagues many parents minds whose children aren’t getting the proper education they should expect/ Funding for these programs is absolutely vital and needs to be sharply increased by the…show more content…
Many schools need to implement these programs because of the benefits they can give children with special needs. The fact that schools do not have these programs for children with needs should make all americans stomachs churn. Some may say it costs too much. If this is the case, why does the government fund other school programs such as athletics to a much higher degree? Could not some of the money going to other programs go to a program that gives children what they are supposed to being going to school for in the first place? This also shows that some children are not as dedicated to their studies as they should be, but rather in athletics, theatre, or other programs. Special needs children need education just as much as any other student, schools must hear the voices of parents and families of these children and implement these programs in their
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