Persuasive Essay On Society

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The world is a vast place, separated by broken up landmass, but united by beliefs, languages, and similar interests. The world is made up of societies, but what exactly is one? The definition of the word society is, “the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community”. In simpler terms, a society is made up of people, collectively and individually that decide what to make of it. So what does it take to make it a good one or a bad one? The answer is simple, but it’s also very hard to understand: the answer is the choices people make. It doesn’t sound very complex, but if you look at it at a wider plane, the fact that many choices form a community is quite baffling. In the books, “Warriors Don’t Cry” and “Jonathan Livingston…show more content…
Though the story is make-believe, the concepts, when taken into deeper though, can be relevant to today’s society. Jonathan the seagull doesn’t want to be like the rest of his flock that simply just fly to get food, no. He wants to be able to soar like the eagles above the clouds. This would be an amazing feat for a seagull, considering that their bodies are not built for that. With practice, the seagull is able to reach his goal in flying, and hopes to impress the rest of his flock. His plan of impressing them backfires, as he is banished and made an outcast. In wanting to be something more, he is pushed down and made something less in the eyes of the society. Choice plays a role in the series of events. Jonathan chose to soar higher despite his parent’s disapproval. The leaders of the flock toss make a collective choice to toss him out because his way is not identical to theirs, and so he is considered an outcast. The other seagulls do not object, representing a society built upon the choices of others. It’s like they are brainwashed to believe that different is synonymous to unacceptable because of something the higher authority establishes. Later, events follow that lead Jonathan into a society where he is accepted for who he is. “True, the same young Jonathan Seagull was there that had always lived behind his golden eyes, but his outer form had changed.” A sentence such as that would be dismissed without further thought when enraptured in reading, but I managed to analyze something out of it that is relevant to choice. His choice to defy what his society set as “disgraceful” set him free and led him to a place where he is accepted. Having a mind like that of a philosopher (or merely someone that has thoughts unlike those of others), I took this detail as a possible metaphor for a person/people taking action in a
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