Persuasive Essay On Social Welfare

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inancial stability has often been a pressing issue concerning the United States. Social welfare began as a federal government assistance to the poor, unemployed, and underemployed. Its mission aimed to provide financial aid to struggling families who were unable to provide basic necessities for themselves or their dependent children, until they were able to become fiscally independent. The need for welfare peaked in the 1930s with the Great Depression as millions of people were left unemployed due to the stock market crash. The broken economy led to the creation of these government policies. However, the mission and goal of welfare has seemed to have been altered in the past 80 years. It has become a policy of unintended consequences, creating dependency which is detrimental to generations of families who then become accustomed to welfare and know of nothing else. There are currently an estimated 4,300,000 people on welfare, 46,700,000 on food stamps, and the amount of government spending on welfare has risen $430 billion dollars in the past 13 years . These rising numbers are a concern, not only for those who identity as one of the numbers, but for those who pay the government in taxes to keep those on welfare afloat. Welfare reform is vital to ensure that the economy of future generations will not be jeopardized.
Policy at Play
For the purpose of this discussion, I will be referencing several forms of welfare including Aid to Families with Dependent Children (the AFDC, later reformed to become Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF), Medicare, and Medicaid.
Aid to Families with Dependent Children was created by the Social Security Act in 1935 and remained in effect until 1996. It was "a program administered and fun...

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...o execute a purpose. Additionally, the policy must provide positive results for both parties involved, the recipients of welfare, as well as the contributing tax payers. If the recipients of welfare are not properly directed or counseled, there is a high chance that the tax payers' money will serve no beneficial purpose and virtually be thrown away. And if the public feels that the program is unproductive and economically wasteful, there will be a high demand for reduction of spending. Welfare was created with the intention of aiding those who could benefit from the government's assistance to promote equality. It is a very powerful concept as a whole; it can help to build dignity, aid someone's rise over consistent generations of poverty, and reinstate a system of values. With due reform, welfare can avail as the quintessential demonstration of American compassion.
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