Persuasive Essay On Social Security

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For more than 75 years, social security has been designed to ensure retired workers that there will be money when it comes time to retire. Since 1935, social security has been the main foundation of economic security for Americans. Social security has developed a steady income for retired workers and helps the disabled worker make a decent living as well. The money made by the worker is divided into payments to help provide for them and their family. There are a few suggestions that should be taken into consideration in order to help fix social security problems. The raising old taxes that finance social security, and raising the retirement age, and only providing social security to ones who earn less than a certain amount of income are some…show more content…
It is an essential part to Americans all over the United States and this program was made for a reason and should still continue. If the social security benefits were cut, Americans would not longer survive financially. Social Security has been in effect for 75 years now, and has helped many retired workers and people with disabilities. It has been successful until recently when strategies predicted that the rate of payee is less than the rate of beneficiaries. Although, money will not come in fast enough to keep the program going, the solution is not to cut benefits or to shut it down. Social Security is beneficial for all, and some could not live without it. It’s basically a reward for the retired workers and the Americans that have worked hard and long for. The age to retire is 62, and that’s the earliest age. Although, you have no choice but to retire, you don’t necessarily have to retire at that exact age. Americans could work longer and collect more benefits. There are some strategies that has major economic potential. If the elderly worked longer, their earnings would gather and generate the payroll taxes. This would also help the social security’s troubled finances. Everyone looks forward to retiring from their job, but working longer has its rewards. Surveys showed that working longer would give them more time to learn about retirement and social security and will keep them on track into retiring. Older Americans look forward to starting a new job in their late ages and those who work longer are more likely to be happy and healthier than people who have already

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