Persuasive Essay On Smoking

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Name: Ibrahim Elwir Smoking cigarettes have been a major part of my life ever since I was sixteen-years-old, smoking almost a pack a day for the past five years. The thought of quitting never really dawned on me until recently I realized that my stamina and energy has significantly decreased while playing basketball and other sports. Every time I play basketball with my friends I run out of breath easily, and I usually only last for a game or two. In the past few months I have been trying to quit this habit, but with every attempt, I'd somehow find a way back to smoking. This behavior has been increasingly affecting my lifestyle, my mood, and health in a very negative way. Therefore, I established a system that conditions a restraint…show more content…
In my plan to quit smoking, I chose to use the tools of operant conditioning that decreases my urge for smoking, such as positive and negative reinforcements. My plan began by carefully monitoring my day to day actions, such as how much cigarettes I smoke, what time of day I smoke most, and what events or situations that lead me to smoke more often than others. Results show that on an average day I smoke between 18-20 cigarettes, the times I often smoke are usually when I wake up, after a meal, after class, between study sessions, while drinking and when I'm in my car. Results also show that my urge to smoke increases when I am around friends and people who smoke, and after a stressful situation. Once I have identified what stimulates my urge to smoke I was able to implement change in my daily routine, this included aspects of positive reinforcements such as playing basketball more often gradually increasing my stamina and my determination to play. I used this principle most when I’d leave class I’d go straight to the gym to play basketball when normally I would smoke a cigarette and head home. Other examples include contiguity principles, such as making a bet with my roommate that I would not smoke for a whole month for a reward of 50$.Although there is a time constraint for receiving this reward, it is an incentive that
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