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I love a sunny day. Perhaps because I was born on an Island. The warmth of the sun on my skin feels wonderful to me, and I rather be hot than cold. Any day! My skin has been exposed to the sun rays since a very early age. The only thing required to go to the beach when I was growing up was going! We never wore sunscreen or protective clothing. If anything, in the teenage years when I became concerned about my appearance, I would lather myself up with baby oil to intensify a tan. Many times I mixed it with carrots to stain the skin. I am certain of not being the only one looking at magazines and television with images of models and celebrities looking gorgeous with their golden-brown tans. What I did not know at the time is that I was not only…show more content…
Suncreens also come in many forms and are widely available.
There are some common myths that prevent us from applying sunscreen every day. One is that some of us think that we do not need sunscreen when it is cold or cloudy outside. This misconception is simply not true. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation actually reaches the earth at about 40 percent on a completely cloudy day, even if its cold outside.

Wearing clothes that protect your exposed skin is another way to prevent skin cancer. Light weight cotton clothing that is not black in color can be worn for protection. So easy and potentially fashionable with a wide brim hat and cute sunglasses that are capable of absorbing ninety nine or one hundred percent of ultra violet rays. It is also easy to seek shade when outside. Another way is by taking a close look at the skin in your body on a regular daily basis, get to know your skin and pay close attention to anything abnormal in size, color or shape. Keep an eye on any spots that look suspicious or do not heal. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be incorporated as part of your shower routine everyday. For the skin you can not easily see, like the one on your back, you can ask a friend or significant other to take a look and report anything that looks suspicious. There is also the option of visiting a dermatologist once a year and get a visual
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