Persuasive Essay On Shelter Animals

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Humans domesticated dire wolves Canis lupus as early as 26,000 years ago. The real question here is why wolves. If you really think about it there are other animals out there that seem to be a much better choice for humans to utilize as hunter companions. Take the chimpanzee for instance it has hands and pose able thumbs. Seems like a chimp would make a great companion we could even teach it to use tools to aid itself in the adventures we send it on. Instead we chose to domesticate a vicious wolf that you know was not a easy venture. I think a chimp would have been a much easier task to do however we chose the wolf you ever wonder why? Well in my research I found it was a pretty easy decision but it was its shear ability to work well with…show more content…
They have a big job to do and it’s definitely not easy. The ultimate goal for all shelter dogs is to get adopted, and eventually find a home. Some amazing dogs have done more than that. They are stories where people say shelter dogs make the best pets. I have read some amazing stories like shelter dogs that have saved lives, and even have became bomb sniffing dogs. I read a story of a man who adopted a black lab, after the recent passing of his loyal hunting dog. The black lab that he adopted Kelly was an excellent hunter right out of the shelter. He had taken it hunting the very next day, and Kelly had done awesome as a hunting dog. The owner said that he got a hold of a porcupine while hunting, and showed no aggression while being treated for the wounds (Fisher). This story was definitely a happy one and I know there are stories like this every…show more content…
However it only works if people actually have their pets spayed or neutered. In Sochi Russia during the last Olympic Games, there were stray dogs found around the entire city. The dog population was out of control. They even had adoption stations in the city so tourist could adopt pets, and take them home to be their own pets. A local pest control company has a contract to scoop up and kill Sochi 's strays, in part to avoid any embarrassing appearances by dogs during competition. The International Olympic Committee is trying to paint a less gruesome image of the dogs ' fate(“Opposing Viewpoints in Context - Document”). Scooping up dogs and euthanizing them happens all over the world, I commend those who adopted dogs from their wicked

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