Persuasive Essay On Sexual Education In Schools

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Sex Education

Sexual Education has created controversy in high school classrooms for decades.

It used to be a question of whether it was appropriate to talk about such a crude subject

with adolescents, especially at school, a place where kids were supposed to focus on

learning. Now it is accepted as a normal class in high school, and most agree is should be

taught, the question is how? As times change, should the way schools teach change as

well? For years schools have taught abstinence-only sex education, which emphasizes

abstinence from sex, and often avoids discussion of use of contraceptives but is this the

most productive way to teach teens about sex, or should young teens be leaning more

The reason abstinence has been
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“Nearly one million young women under age 20 become pregnant each

year, meaning approximately 4 in 10 young women in the U.S. become pregnant at least

once before turning 20 years old” (Statistics on Teens). This shows there is an obvious

need for sex education. Abstinence classes focus on the negative results of their actions

and use an emotional approach, explaining the toll an unwanted pregnancy can take on a

Kids are exposed to sexual content almost every day be it through TV, magazines

or friends. Children mock what they see which is why schools feel it is necessary to teach

our youth that not everything they hear is correct. Sex education classes are aimed to help

the kids understand what sex is in a proper, educational way instead of learning from

outside sources. There are many positives to teaching children at a young age, yet there is

still controversy as to what age is suitable. Our society has created sex into a loose,

carefree subject that is thrown around in all forms of media. This is a big reason why

children need to be taught right from wrong early on, bow how early should these classes

start? There has been much discussion as to what age is too young to be taught
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It 's the

responsibility of parents and educators to set high behavioral standards.” This is not

uncommon thinking, especially when it comes to religious beliefs. It clearly states in the

Ten Commandments that sex before marriage is a sin. This makes teaching young adults

about how to have sage sex difficult because it goes against the beliefs of many people.

Becky Miller states in her very biased article, Sexual Education Verses Safe Sex Ed, that

“sex education encourages promiscuous sexual activity as a natural part of life and

teaches (explicitly) about contraceptive devices, how to use them, and where to get them.

As a Christian, I believe that fornication is sin.”

But what about the fact that there are many teenagers, and even adults that are

having unsafe sex resulting in either pregnancy or and sexually transmitted disease. Does

something need to be done about this? If there is any way of preventing someone from
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