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There are so many ways in which young victims are enticed to sex trafficking, pimps posing as modeling agencies, fake massage parlors, maid services, or just flat out black mail and abduction. Pimps prey on young vulnerable victims for sole purpose of making as much as they possibly can. This is just one of many devastating stories of our teenagers who are coerced into sex trafficking. Due to recent advances in technology traffickers are able to reach anyone via the internet. There are no limitations and boundaries concerning who is trafficked the only goal on their mind is making money by exploiting victims. Human trafficking has been around for centuries, however in this day and age it is “the second fastest growing criminal industry; sex trafficking accounted for 83% of all reported human trafficking incidents”. According to recent findings reported by the FBI “The United States not only faces an influx of the international victims but also has its own homegrown problem of interstate sex trafficking of minors”. The average age that most girls “enter prostitution is twelve to fourteen”, and most are stripped of their birth certificates and any form of identity so they become completely dependent on their pimps, in order for the pimps to have total control over the girls. Most of the victims are young and come from broken homes; they were previously abused, physically or emotionally. They have no one to turn for help, because many of them are transported from various parts of the country and sometimes even internationally thus making them the perfect target to exploit. California is currently ranked the third out of 13 of the FBI’s “highest child sex trafficking areas in the nation: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Dieg...

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..., as well ways in which they can identify and arrest traffickers. Many argue that sex trafficking has moved to the internet and because of its ambiguity it has made it the perfect environment for traffickers to conduct business secretly. Traffickers can reach victims from across states and even internationally via the internet. Their business flourishes going undetected and untraceable. It is just the beginning of online sex trafficking, authorities are now recently finding ways to combat the issue and other major organizations are also just starting out to provide support and resources to victims. It is unfortunate yet it cannot be ignored that traffickers can virtually enter anyone’s home and more needs to be done to combat human trafficking, such as implementing hashers laws to those who purchase victims, whether it be via the internet or in person.

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