Persuasive Essay On Sex Education In Public Schools

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Sex Education in Public Schools. I mentioned earlier that the sex education I received in the fourth grade was not as expansive as I hoped to be. But then again, I am older now and vaguely remember my sex education teacher explaining puberty, male and female sexual organs, the reproductive system, the use of condoms, and ways to prevent teenage pregnancy. In my county, Flagler County, we had a high rate of teenage pregnancies therefore there the prevention of unplanned pregnancies was heavily mentioned. Throughout my schooling, I realized that elementary school was the only time I had sex education and I’m pretty sure the reason for that is because a lot of the students were at the early stage of puberty, especially for girls. I never encountered…show more content…
It is almost important for parents to not shame their children when it comes to being curious about sex or their sexuality. If a child experiences negative influence from their parents they will more often have a negative experience whether it’s their first time learning about sex to having sex. In my opinion, nothing is more scary than being uneducated and sexually inexperienced and engaging in sexual activity for the first time without any idea of what to do and how to ensure safety for both individuals. By providing a positive, non-judgemental environment in sex education, young people are able to express themselves comfortably and safely without the risk of being bullied, humiliated, or slut shamed. Personally, I would want to give the proper sex education to my child as well as expect my child’s school to provide the best sex education they can give without censoring topics that may be “too graphic” for children. I would prefer my child to be exposed to these topics because limiting the truth and reality of sex or sexuality in sex educational courses will never benefit children; it will negatively affect their
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