Persuasive Essay On Save Animals

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Save the Animals

How boring would the world be without wildlife? Why should we have to kill endangered animals to help save them? One must be aware of how some magnificent big and small animals are coming close to extinction. The cause to this tragedy is due to trophy hunting, meaning that hunters only kill for the head or certain body parts of the animal. There are many reason to why it may be acceptable to have trophy hunting, but also how it can damage the wildlife making them face extinction at an alarming rate.

One reason why trophy hunting is acceptable is because it helps certain wildlife conservations keep certain animals from becoming over populated. The act of trophy hunting helps by keeping the number of animals in a certain
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As for us humans, all we revolve around is money that only last for a few seconds, months, or years. Although wildlife may not be able to speak, we as people must help them so they aren’t on the verge of extinction. That being said, trophy hunting must stop because whether it is a deer, cat, or rhino there is one less of them in the wild. We are intervening for nature to not take its course and let the animals live their expected life span in the wild. By killing such great mammals we are destroying their herd’s population and the future they hold. As stated in the “Protect Bears from Hunting” a trophy hunt would do nothing to prevent conflicts (MacFall). The conflict is that we must stop the killing of animals that are endangered and let nature have its way with minimal human interaction. Another view is that trophy hunting not only target big game animals, but the animals that are big game such as the lion, depend on other game animals for food such as the Antelope. While trophy hunters effect this species, they not only hurt the deer population, but the predators that follow their migration to stay alive and defend their territory. By taking out some of these animals it makes the lions more likely to interfere with cattle and getting close to town as the deer population begin to dwindle down. A better view of how trophy hunter effect the wildlife is that they hunt animals to only keep the head of the “trophy” and leave the rest to spoil. This is a major problem because the meat is left to spoil and it cannot serve any use to the people that survive off the land. While the meat is left to waste not one person can benefit from the meat that could have helped fed families nearby. After the meat spoils it may be left for predators to eat, but with this being said exposed meat can accumulate bacterial growth imposing an own threat to
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