Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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Third World “Mom! What if I fall in love with a girl and want to marry her?” I suddenly asked my mom, and she froze for a while. Then she walked toward me, and slapped me in the face. She asked “what did you say? Have you gone insane? What a shame! You aren’t my daughter anymore if you still having such an insane idea. You hear what I say?” Until now, gays and lesbians generally particular society has not been recognized with full understanding, that lead to discrimination and violence from external relations and in their families. It is what has caused undue consequences for homosexuals. It also cause family separation, and suicide. However President Obama had passed the marriage equality law, in order to help gay, lesbian get their…show more content…
Because the percentage of the LBGT divorce is lower than the heterosexual. In the article “Same-sex divorce rate lower than heterosexual couples” wrote by Ewa Krtowicz. Ewa proved “It is a 1.1 per cent failure rate with 799 gay unions performed in the capital during the period. In the same period there were 8711 marriages and 6965 divorces granted in the ACT.” The heterosexual nowadays are easy to get fool by the money etc... Therefore, they can get marry and divorce easily, and don’t have to worry about the law or anything. Because they don’t know how to cherish what they already have. And sometimes they feel tired to be the housewife take care of everything in the house, or the husband are tired to hear their wife complain. In other hand, the homosexual are also have their own right as the citizen, a human being. They treasure their love for each other, and respect to other feeling. They don’t have to take care of any child, they just do whatever they feel right and make them happy, also enjoy their life together after many years of fighting for the right to get marry. They don’t have to force themselves to believe anyone to doubt their
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