Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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Marriage is a right that everyone should be able to experience no matter what their gender is. When two people love each other they are in a special bond that cannot be broken. Because of this unbreakable bond, governments should have no problem legalizing this idea. Another reason that same-sex marriage should remain legal is because it is an entitlement for American citizens to be able to pursue happiness along with their rights to liberty and life. With these important points in mind, everyone should be able to accept homosexual marriage as legal.
Recently there has been a vote in the Supreme Court about the legalization of same-gender marriage. The result of this vote was that states cannot stop people of the same gender from marrying all across the United States and in Washington D.C. Once the news came out that it is legal to marry the same gender, there were many celebratory marriages. But along with this action there came opposition. A lot of people do not understand why it is fine to marry the
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According to the Boston Globe, “Homosexuality (or bisexuality) is not a disease. It isn 't catching and there isn 't a ‘cure.’ It is important to know that being homosexual or bisexual isn 't a matter of who a person has sexual relations with but who that person has loving relationships with.” (Boston Globe) This evidence shows us that homosexuality is something that anyone can feel. Homosexuality is an ordinary thing that common people experience which should not stop them from having normal lives. Because of the legalization of gay marriage, they are able to do anything that a regular person can do without the persecution because they are a homosexual. This leads to a previous point, that they are able to have their right of the pursuit of happiness. Since homosexuality is not a disease, there should be no opposition to the legalization marriage between the same
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