Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Adoption

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Adoption is defined “in legal sense as a process that allows for the transfer of the legal right, responsibilities, and privilege of parenthood to a new legal parent or parent.” (Schaefer 308) Adoption is a big responsibility and is becoming very common nowadays. People turn to adoption for many different reasons and the many different reasons lead to people wanting to have a child or an addition to their family. Adoption agencies however are sometimes biased and restrict certain group of people based on their sexual orientation. The process is harder for people who want to adopt when they are of the same sex.
On January 6 2012, Rick Santorum our former United States Senator and presidential candidate stated to a New Hampshire audience that
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The religion people might think gay can’t adopt children because they can’t have it naturally but many infertile and early menopause women are allowed to adopt and how are gay parent different from them. The bible indicates that gay adoption is a sin and against God will but the church and state separation allows same sex parents to adopt. “Being gay is not mental disorder” (Hogberg David). They are considered to be well functioning member of society. They go to school, work, pay tax and other things which is no different than heterosexual parents so they should have the same right to raise a children. The first amendment states the freedom of speech, religion and expression and refusing the gay adoption is the violation of the amendment. “There are 16.2 double orphans in the world which are waiting for parents to adopt them (Johnson Ramon)”. The sex of parents should not matter in that case because the children are the priority. The children are better raised by same sex parents where they could learn what is wrong and right, good access of education and learn a family structure than growing in a foster care. The same sex parents have no impact on their children gender identity as the study shows and if the children happens to be gay, they don’t struggle coming out unlike the children raised by heterosexual parents just as I stated
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