Persuasive Essay On Rocky Mountain Crime

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Everyone, including myself loves the sensation of security. That as a family or individual one is immune or at a very low risk of being affected by unknown situational threats. From blankets to high security systems or moving to seemingly world war prepared gated communities, what determines safety? How does one escape the inescapable? Well for the residents of Rocky Mountain, North Carolina this is an everyday question they have to face and how to face is it is even harder to answer. Placing myself, hypothetically, as a family of four in the community of Rocky Mountain I will not only identify the crimes, the crime rates, and actions an everyday civilian can participate in to increase the safety of my neighborhood. My family stays on the corner of Rocky Mount, NC 9Sunset Ave / N Pine St. If you google this street crossing, or even Rocky Mountain crime rate, you will immediately understand that every day I wake up my two daughters and husband are always in danger. We stay in a high crime dense area and while every crime isn’t based on human interaction, no crime is ever positive. Even when a human life is not immediately endangered through the actions of the criminal, one way or another it cost me my peace of mind, or a piece of my wallet. However, standing idly by while my family walks into a warzone isn’t sensible to me and I will take action to help prevent any casualties within my household. My first step was gathering as much information as possible about the crimes, plaguing my community and which ones I sought to directly impact. Property crime is the highest of all crime for the area. According to crime data one in every seventeen “attacks” could be my car or my home. And who is to say I won’t be present when this... ... middle of paper ... ...mber. Having everyone there at the same time is something I would strive to have, even if it’s just that once. With Rocky Mount being such a small city this web of “community police” should be extremely effective because if the crime can have such a detrimental impact, then why the same can’t be used for the positive? Conclusively, nothing drives home the important of safety than a crime close to the heart and home. The untimely passing of one of my fellow panthers is a sound reminder of how one can never predict what will happen next and how these crimes affect us as individuals. While I did not personally know Jeffrey McDonald, no man or woman should ever have their life forcibly taken away from them. This event has brought a much deeper and real tone to my paper and I hope Prairie View as a community can come together to prevent and bring criminals to justice.

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