Persuasive Essay On Raising Minimum Wage

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“Sorry, we are going to have to let you go.” Nobody wants to hear those words, yet it happens every day. There are about 7.9 million people are unemployed in this country (“United 1) and raising the minimum wage will cause even more to lose their jobs. This has been a popular topic for awhile and people seem to be in favor of raising the wage. They believe it will improve our economy and help the working class. The minimum wage was first established so that employers could not abuse employees, but that was in 1938 (Wilson 1). A lot has changed in 78 years including the laws on the subject. The low-skilled jobs are for teens and college students yet more and more people have to take these jobs. The issue should be creating better jobs…show more content…
If a law were to pass to raise the wage, then all employers are forced to comply, but in doing so will have to make other decisions. One is how many employees can they afford to keep at that pay. Many people will be let go in order to make up for the pay increase. The Fight for $15 campaign has a strong following but is causing more harm than good. It started as fast food employees trying to get more money and turning into a movement to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. They have made progress in places like New York and California and are slowing winning city by city (“About 1). The aftermath is worse after their protests. By increasing the wage so high corporations will let people go because they just do not want to pay that many people that much money for something anyone can do. In some cases, they will use more skilled workers to replace all the lower skilled ones to make the increase more profitable (Wilson 8). Some places even talk about using machines instead of people or moving production overseas That would cause a lot of backlash to the American people. Similarly, small businesses simply cannot afford to keep as many employees as they need. It forces them to fire their help. After some time with fewer workers, they are unable to stay open. Raising the minimum wage will put people out of business, only making this issue bigger. Now they have to get low paying jobs and…show more content…
People will lose their jobs to keep businesses running. Teens and college kids will not have a place in the workforce causing them to start off with financial problems. The economy could fall apart from the cost of living increasing too much too fast. People would argue that it is better to raise the minimum wage but they are misinformed. They want change but the wrong kind. We need to fight for more jobs and better education. If it was easier for these low-skilled people to get more skills then they can get their higher paying jobs without affecting everybody. The only time the minimum wage should increase if because of inflation. There is a point where it does get too low but a dollar or two is very different from six. The minimum wage is low for a reason. Let’s not change something that is there to
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