Persuasive Essay On Racism

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Black Is Not a Color They are inferior and disrespected; therefore, they must be African-American. Labelled before taking their first breath. For what wickedness does the African-American race truly own? Are they not human? Do the not breathe the same air? Racism is the villain of freedom and its vile dialect has no place in today’s society. Racism is a flaw within the human race; which prevents, one’s true identity from being seen. Racism began in America in 1619 when the first African slaves were taken to Jamestown, Virginia to aid in field work. African slaves created the new nation working from the ground up, they were foundation of America. Although racism was back to ancient time, the best practice occurred…show more content…
Racism did not just come out of nowhere, it is taught. By the time a baby becomes a toddler, they begin to recognize color differences. Teachers teach equality and to never mind the difference and live equally. Unfortunately, schools are not the only thing that have an influence on children; because the schools teach equality, and the parents may also bring them up differently. For example if the teacher teaches that two plus two is four. Then the child goes home and the parent teaches that two plus two equals fish then the child is most likely going to listen to the parents. Repeatedly reminding the child constantly, they begin living by the words in which they were taught. Making this society the disgrace that it has become in this day and age. Historians have confirmed that scientifically that all humans have had familiar descent. So what is the point of treating any one any differently based on their skin, intelligence, or beauty? This is blasphemy, to the human race and our entire presence. Will this controversy ever come to an end? Rising the future generations in this disgusting environment is the poison that will forever keep the world living in the
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