Persuasive Essay On Racial Inequality

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There are multiple races around the world. Even with different languages, cultures and melanin levels, all people manage to follow the same basic way they live their lives. People – usually and regardless of color – are born, go to school, find jobs and families and eventually die leaving their children to repeat the same process. Life is just a machine, life is all the same. So why are people of different races treated unequally? Without racial equality, this world is as far from perfect as a world could be. People have gone from chamber pots to intricate indoor plumbing systems and somehow skin color is still an issue. Compared to all of the other threats to humanity, one would think racial inequality is not the first on the list. However, the fact that all humans are not being treated equally is the biggest threat to humanity; racial inequality is hindering the world from growing and eventually blossoming into a utopia. One of the larger threats to humanity and its future as a utopia is how people are dealing with the uncomfortable past of racism and slavery. “With the slave trade racism…show more content…
“Inequality is not a bad thing they 're are people that are good looking and they 're are people that are weak minded and feeble,” (Can racism ever be a good thing? 2015 n.p.). Here is an anonymous and grammatically incorrect quote from where one can see that someone believes inequality is so spectacular that he or she must post their ideas on the internet. Obviously, this has no real impact on whether racial inequality is good or bad; no one knows who this person even is, let alone their qualifications or understanding of the issue at hand. Racial Inequality is in no way acceptable in society today and will prevent the world from reaching a perfect Utopian
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