Persuasive Essay On Prostitution

Sex can be a victimless crime if prostitutes sell their bodies of a conscious choice. Most of the times, sex workers become their own victims, and it seems unreasonable to arrest prostitutes. On an aggregated scale, sex might be seen as a way of expressing meaning and significance. It’s a form of communication in the society, expressing emotions and interests, fulfilling some needs and offering affection or therapy for others. People, like sex-addicts, would find prostitution as a solution to their needs or at least they would know it is legal and it could be accessed without legal punishments. Legalizing prostitution will grant the freedom and power of choice. If people want to practice prostitution they will at least have the choice to…show more content…
The society may not accept it momentarily. It is a process that requires time. In time, prostitution will no longer be considered such a taboo and delicate subject. Slowly, but surely, people will adapt and will learn to accept the idea that everyone is entitled to a choice, to the right of expressing themselves and choosing their life path. Regarding pornography, people got acquainted with it. Some people more or less, but that is a quality human beings have. Everyone is different and thinks differently based on their morals and values. Adjusting to the idea that prostitution is legal, people will at least realize that treating prostitutes unequally and unfairly is an embrace that might lead to courtroom. Legalizing prostitution will not totally and directly end prostitution discrimination, but it will at least decrease its rate. Prostitutes are most of the time defined as weak and uneducated. Such characteristics are most definitely assumptions people make. Truth to be told, maybe prostitutes are weak, but not because of what they do. The weakness comes from being alone and rejected by the society. Legal prostitution will define a proper status for prostitutes who will no longer be considered more inferior than any other workers. They will not be demeaned any longer. Legalizing prostitution will define a prostitute title demanding respect. It will
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