Persuasive Essay On Prostitution

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She closed the door behind her, threw her keys in the bowl next to the lamp, and let the weight of her body fall on the couch. She looked around her living room, and thought to herself how fortunate she was, but acknowledged she would not be doing this forever. However, she enjoyed the flexibility of her working schedule that allowed her to study foreign literature at the university forty-five minutes away from her apartment. In addition, a proper health benefits and a retirement plan provided the security and peace of mind she required. She was not ashamed, she no longer had to be, and her job generated the income she needed to remain financially independent. Her job no longer posed serious threats it once did, because of unresolved issues…show more content…
In the article, Regulated Prostitution As A Component: Protection of Victims states, “legalization will provide financial infrastructures, for trafficking enforcement and increased training and awareness campaigns, thus bringing trafficking to public attention” (p 160). Turning a blind eye to this terrible condition plagues our society, not because prostitution is illegal and, its association to shame and debasing, but because society and the government are not doing what is necessary to aid and rescue victims of prostitution. It has indeed been pushed aside so far back and if we hold the pimps, clients, and human traffickers accountable for their crime then we stop whatever illegal activity they wish to commit. The government needs to put fear into criminals who murder, rape, cause harm, and convict them for their doings, not the prostitutes who are not commenting any crimes at all. It is proven that when something is illegal, it creates a market for organized crime to thrive. In the article, When R.I. Accidentally Legalized Prostitution, Rape Decreased it says, “When something is prohibited, it allows organized crime to gain foothold” (par 6), making a comparison in the sex market to the market of alcohol during Prohibition or of marijuana today, the demand is high so too does the
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