Persuasive Essay On Prostitution

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Prostitution is defined in the Oxford dictionary as the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. Laws restricting prostitution are an example of sex discrimination by the government. The price of these laws comes with the cost of the basic rights and freedoms of the people involved. The criminalization of prostitution has pushed sellers to the streets and lead to moral discrimination and violence toward them. Despite the negative connotations, prostitution should be legalized in the United States because regulation would reduce the safety and health and moral issues associated with it while also financially benefitting the government. The main concern for prostitutes is their safety. The safety of a sex worker on the street is at higher risk than a courtesan in a brothel because they are more prone to assault, rape and even murder. The legalization of prostitution offers more protection for sex workers by decreasing abuse and violence. Women are also more likely to come forward to the authorities to report abuse if they are not worried about being fined or arrested. In Nevada, prostitution is legal in brothels and illegal on the streets as a way…show more content…
The legalization of prostitution helps to protect society by ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Not only would the STD and unwanted pregnancy rate drastically decrease, but prostitutes would also not be exposed to physical or sexual abuse by their clients or pimps. Legal or illegal, prostitution is present in the United States; therefore, the government should regulate this as a legitimate business. In addition, we as a country could rest assured knowing that our government is not stripping away our rights and liberties to fit their personal religious or moral beliefs. The benefits of its legalization far outweigh the
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