Persuasive Essay On Privacy And Privacy

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Wiretaps are an issue that affect every person in this country. No matter how much we refuse to admit it, we depend on telephone services more and more as we get more technologically advanced. The issue of telephone privacy becomes greater and greater every day as our telephone technology advances. Wiretaps are devices that are being used more often by law enforcement to capture criminals, but there are cases when the actions of law enforcement agencies are not protecting the public, but overstepping their boundaries and intruding into people's private lives. I feel that law enforcement agencies have indeed overstepped their boundaries and delved into the private lives of America's citizens. New legislation passed by the government could even aid to the problem and make it even bigger than it already is. There are at least two sides to every controversy, and the issue of wiretaps brings more than two sides to mind. However, the two main arguments that surround wiretaps are privacy and protection. The issue with privacy has been escalating more and more in the past few years. The government have been wiretapping phone for the past two decades. In 1968 the wiretap act was passed. It required a judge issued wiretap order before the police or government could tap your phone lines but, according to “civil liberties organization“ the government has been known to break this law and spy on communications without going to a judge and receiving a court order, usually in the name of national security. Since September 11, 2001 the National Security Agency (NSA) has been conducting a massive and illegal program to wiretap the phone calls of millions of ordinary Americans without warrants, hoping to discover terrorists. It is impossible to just... ... middle of paper ... ...onclusion. A compromise must be made between law enforcement, cell phone companies, and the people of the United States. Wiretaps are a tool that is essential to law enforcement officials. However, currently there are privacy issues that surface in reference to keeping the authorities out of the private lives of this nation's citizens. It is essential that we provide essential means for law enforcement agencies to successfully tap the wires of criminals, but also respect the privacy in which American’s are given by the constitution. With that said I am most worried about law enforcement officers abusing the power that they have and overstepping the bounds of law enforcement and into the realm of citizens' privacy. I strongly believe that this topic will surface in the future and politicians will make it a priority for things that needs to be fixed in this country.

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