Persuasive Essay On Prescription Advertising

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When you think of prescription drugs, what comes to mind? What immediately thrust itself to the forefront of my consciousness are those annoying television commercials. I know you know are familiar with the ones to which I am referring; the ones that interrupt your favorite television shows right when you are on the edge of your seat with suspense. My favorites are the ones for depression where the sufferers are miraculously back in business after asking requesting a prescription from their doctor and are now happy and loving life. They rise up out of a dark and dreary bedroom to interact with friends, their spouse, and their children. The sun begins to shine, clouds disappear, birds sing, they are suddenly dressed in fashionable clothes, and…show more content…
In fundamental vernacular, the pharmaceutical companies saw a way to reach out to you, the public consumer, assist you in identifying your medicinal needs, and persuade you, right in your own living room, to contact your primary care provider for a prescription drug that could potentially right your world. Has being exposed to DTCA improved your quality of life? Have you found yourself at your doctor’s office requesting a prescription medication because you were influenced by an advertisement you saw on television? Similar to the older woman customer sitting next to Meg Ryan in a deli after she fakes an orgasm in the 1989 film, When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having.” The implication is that we are an enlightened society, educated, and responsible. We are willing and able to make our own choices. Shouldn’t we be proactive in our healthcare? Quoting from the article “Pushing Prescriptions Direct-To-Consumer Drug Advertising” by Sheri Graydon, “Consumers have a right to information about new medications.” However, as succinctly expressed by Sheri Graydon in the aforementioned article, “Does the thought of prescription pharmaceuticals being sold with the same tactics as perfume and beer give you

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