Persuasive Essay On Population Control

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A growing population can mean two very different things for a developing nation versus an already developed nation. For example, in developing nations many people live off of less than a dollar a day, with multiple mouths to feed, clothe, and shelter, poverty remains a large looming reality for many people living within underdeveloped nations. Sernau explains these realities, “One billion of the world’s people are in abject poverty, earning less than the equivalent of a dollar a day (see Collier 2007, The Bottom Billion). The United Nations places this group in the category of “extreme poverty.” Another billion earn less than $2 a day, enough to escape starvation but not enough to move out of poverty” (Sernau 21). However, population rates continue to grow throughout developing nations while these same rates continue to drop within already developed nations. Meaning that…show more content…
Is population control the answer? There are two ways to go about answering these questions. Women are brought into the equation for both answers. As previously stated, over population and under population result in negative global economic effects. Population control should in theory attempt to keep the population at stable rates to ensure decreasing poverty rates as well as a blossoming global trade market. Where do women come into play now? In underdeveloped nations, the social standings of women are low within the community. Women are expected to perform certain duties of which, working for wages or partaking in higher education, are typically not concerned. Sernau demonstrates examples throughout the text, “The balance between work and family, and all the unpaid work that may come with providing for the needs of children and other family members, challenges people around the world, and is a key factor in gender inequality” (Sernau 14). This quote mainly focuses on gender inequality and not

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