Persuasive Essay On Police Shootings

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It is sad to say that the killing of Walter Scott by Officer Slager is all too familiar. Every time we turn around there is a black man, black woman, black little girl, or a black little boy that is being gunned down by those who are supposed to protect us. I read somewhere online that in the past five years there have been two hundred police shootings in the state of South Carolina, seventy of them resulted in deaths, and none of the officers were found guilty. We must stop the violence of our people, especially by those who are supposed to protect and save us. We have to stop sitting and waiting on decisions, and go demand them ourselves. It is necessary that we keep our young black men and women out of the streets and prison systems and…show more content…
We can claim that we are outraged and upset, but if we nothing, we just look like mad lazy black people. To me outraged is when you no longer can take anymore, and I just do not see that here on campus. Those who are outraged were at the rally, they made posters, they joined in on the march, they follow the story, they make sure the story is well heard, and they are willing to help and support our community to ensure this does not happen again. We can all claim that we are outraged, but our actions must match. I feel as if police are killing our future doctors, lawyers, and educators, and they do not even know it. As we watch videos of young black men being gunned down in class tears always come to my eyes. Tears come to my eyes because I know that I have a brother, stepfather, and uncles who will one day have an encounter with the police. Those who have died to police brutality are too my brothers and sisters, and so are other young black men and women, and it saddens me that they are dying due to black on black crime or due to police brutality. Just as I would go crazy if it was someone I knew, I am going crazy for Walter Scott, Trayvon Martin, and others who have suffered due to police brutality. Just as my heart would ache if it were my brother or uncle, my heart aches for Walter Scott because he did not deserve that. Without body cameras or a brave eyewitness such as…show more content…
All police officers should be required to wear a body camera and a microphone that should be turned on at all times. These body cameras and microphones would eliminate lies told by police officers, and would create a true picture of the crimes. Court systems should not just provide any public defender to those who cannot afford a lawyer. Social status should not interrupt the due process of law. Public defenders should be trained to be adequate lawyers and provide adequate service to their clients. As Muhiyidin D 'Baha stated, we need a citizens’ review board that has subpoena power, so as a community we can monitor officers and review their actions to prevent events such as the death of Walter Scott from happening. The biggest thing that should occur is trust should be restored with our community and officer. Somehow we have to make sure that officers respect our communities and our people, and in return we must trust them to protect. We have to erase the idea of officers fearing black men because of the color of their skin, and we have to not fear officers due to other officer killings. There has to be some balance and understanding between officers and communities, where they trust us and in return, we trust them. Finally, we should honor and protect the fourteenth amendment, which states equal protection. Obviously, we do not have
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