Persuasive Essay On Police Control

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In the beginning the police were used in order to control free slaves and enforce Jim Crow laws. After that era was over, the police then moved on to control “dangerous classes” which were immigrants, the poor and African Americans .
The police back then much like now were held as heroes and that they were protecting the rest of us from the bad people. However as time has passed there has always been the question on how much power the police can have, how much force is necessary for the police to use. “The use of force to effect an arrest was as conservational in the 1840s and 1840s as it is today” . From the 1840’s till now there have been little to no actual improvements made. The police have continued to become even more powerful, when the police department was created the people questioned on whether
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One of the most important parts that I got from the class was that there is no such thing as a bad person, people adapt to situations around them. It is clear that the rate of crime correlates with the rate of poverty. We should be investing money into fighting poverty instead of spending money in building new prisons. According to How often are Unarmed Black Men Shot Down by Police Washington, DC which had the nations highest police shootings has decreased the numbers of shootings by properly training their officers and holding them accountable for their action. Another problem in these cases that involves police officers is that the District Attorney’s office needs the police in their side therefore they are bias. I believe that we should have government attorneys that only work with internal affair and only deal in prosecuting police officers, so there isn’t any conflict of interest. When it comes to the disappointing events of this case I believe the best we can do is to train our police officers and when it comes to breaking the law treating them as if they were
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