Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Police violence remains a dire human right violation, especially in the United States. Over the last decade, police have applied force and aggression in ways that leave people wondering if they are discharging their duties. Recently, law enforcement seems to have taken a different turn characterized by aggression and violence when dealing with the public. Cases of unjustified shootings, physical assault, fatal chokings and violent treatment have contributed to the ongoing problem of police brutality in the America. Worse still is the fact that a greater proportion of these cases go unreported and undetected. This has partially encouraged violent police officers to continue applying force when dealing with the public. This new law enforcement Most of the cases involving police brutality go unreported, while those that are reported are taken to the attention of the police department for review, but are eventually cast aside. This lack of legal or disciplinary actions against the officers found guilty makes them abuse their power and authority by even greater exploits. This brings into attention the role that Congress plays to empower the Department of Justice to stop police brutality. The 1994 Violent Crime Control Law Enforcement Act was passed by the Congress to help n reducing to use of excessive force by police officers, but it is rarely applied (Gület al. 204). The failure to address these cases using the available means only leads to more cases of abuse thus, widening the rift between law enforcement officers and the A critical aspect of the training regime should touch on the lawful use of different types of forces, and the circumstances that guarantee the graduation of non-lethal force to lethal intervention (Barak et al. 204). Consequently, the training regime should equip police officers with the ability to resist the discriminatory use of force. In the United States, there is a clear evidence of the existence of discriminatory use of force. Black communities and Hispanics suffer the majority of brutal police actions. Largely, the problem stems from the lack of proper training for police officers to understand the psychological and physical dangers of subjecting the public to lethal force during the process of law enforcement (Barak et al. 211). Since police officers are employed as the agents of the state, it is important to inform them of their obligations under the global human rights laws regarding the use of lethal force. This can only happen during initial training and subsequent capacity building

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