Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Nowadays, WE expect to be shot by a police officer. If it 's not walking home alone, in the dark, then it 's being dragged out of our homes and ending up with a bullet in our chest. It is their duty, their civic duty to protect and serve our community, not break us... Before, it was black on black crime but now it is just plain police brutality. Those who are meant to protect us are killing us, simply because of our skin complication. We are no different from you. Our skin does not define who we are, so why let our race be the death of us? In 2015, at least 102 unarmed black people were killed by police officers, white police officers. It’s sad to say that the rate of a young black man’s death is five times higher than a white man who is about the same age. How would you feel if unarmed, white, young men were…show more content…
Secondly, whites will be feeling the pain that we have been feeling for so long. The hurt, terror and hopelessness we feel when another unarmed from our community is killed by a white police officer. Thirdy, that same racial discrimination, we’ve experienced, they can finally experience it too. The feeling of not understanding why people are being killed because of their skin complexion. It’s time for them to walk in our shoes. That is the fourth reason why our black police officers should kill the unarmed. Why should we care about white lives? They don 't care about us. No justice is bright brought so why should we care about their lives? That is the fifth reason why this a good solution because then whites will understand how important our lives matter, how we have people who love and care for us. And sixty, it balances everything out. For over a period of time, whites have killed those from our community so why shouldn 't we do it back? We have the right to be treated
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