Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Police Brutality As technology grows and the ability to record events becomes simpler and more efficient, incidents like police brutality are broadcasted and reported more often than ever before. Harsh beatings, fatal chokings, unjustified and cruel treatment all play a role in the problem of police brutality in America. Police brutality is a serious violation of human rights, and is a growing problem in society due to specific factors and causes. The consequences of the police’s abuse are detrimental to the common order of society, and communities are starting to take action through riots and protests. Police brutality is a threatening issue that can be prevented by breaking racial barriers, and for better discipline and more vigilant surveillance by other members of the police or a community. In the recent years, news headlines are rampant with stories where an unarmed man was beat or killed by the police. Although this situation is portrayed as to be a growing problem, expert analysts say that this is false; in…show more content…
One possible precaution is to train police officers how to deal with life-and-death situations and how to properly handle every arrest. They should be able to comprehend every possible circumstance, and only to use violence and lethal weapons when confronted by an armed suspect. Another possible solution is to attach dashboard cameras to police cars, and inform the general public to take a video when a policeman is exhibiting misconduct or misbehavior. The police also needs to be able to break racial barriers against a population of minorities, and to properly document every misconduct to make sure that trends in police misbehavior are caught. The police department should severely punish all guilty police officers, and to allow no officer to escape

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