Persuasive Essay On Police Brutality

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Police Brutality It seems today that you can’t even go to the store, or out in public without being watched on by the police. It’s sad, but in order to not be harassed like that, you’d have to be light skinned. Latinos, Asians, Blacks and Native Americans are not the only ones, but they’re the majority that’re victims of police brutality in the United States. “Many in law enforcement argue that it makes sense to use race or ethnicity in criminal profiles because there is a strong statistical association between membership in minority groups and involvement in crime” (Harris). Instead of being equipped with their wits and abilities to calm down a situation, police officers are well protected with high-militarized weapons. To make matters worse, they’re let off the hook, even after harming or worse, killing people. Police officers should be held accountable for brutalizing the very citizens that they’re supposed to protect. However,…show more content…
The media clearly shows that people who are not on the favorite side of the law will most likely be brutalized again. People of all color, age, and ethnicity are being brutalized by the police. There may be terrorizing citizens that’re causing a great deal of harm to others, but there’s other ways where you can take actions to control the situation. Also, just because the citizens had broken the law, doesn’t mean that they can be denied they’re basic human rights. They’re citizens no matter what, and as a police officer, their basic job is to protect them, no matter what. Whenever an officer is not held responsible, it leads to a whole lot of confusion and chaos. The only way that it will fully work is if the officers are held in from of a grand jury of 12, not the same department that they work for. No more favoritism. It won’t change everything, but it’s a start to something that’ll hopefully change what we know now into something much
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