Persuasive Essay On Pearl Harbor

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was one of the biggest offenses on the United States of America and was the trigger for the United States to jump into War World II. The United States had been in a period of isolation for the duration of the war up until the point of the attack. The Japanese had been making advances in the Pacific which was making the Roosevelt administration very uncomfortable. On the day of the attack more than just the harbor was attacked, from air fields to bases the island of Oahu was busted up. Franklin D. Roosevelt had been campaigning isolation and staying out of the war for good, but some historians and a large number of Americans believe that he knew about the attack. The majority of Americans were very angry with Japanese…show more content…
All of these have controversy surrounding them, whether we as a country knew they were going to happen or if they had been prepared by us. In the case of Pearl Harbor, there are some who say that FDR knew about the attack. Tyler Kent, a code clerk at the US embassy in London found out that FDR had told Churchill he wanted to get America into the war (Perloff). The US was trying to get America involved in the war and was going to certain measurements to do so like helping England with supplies and freezing Germany’s assets, trying to get Germany to retaliate and make the first move to get America in the war without making it obvious to the people (Perloff). According to James Perloff, “the key to a successful attack and get America into the war was to keep Kimmel out of the intelligence loop.” Earlier in the year of the attack the United States had broken the diplomatic code of the Japanese called “Purple” which seemed to help out with the intentions of the Japanese (Perloff). With his hidden agenda the common American had no idea that there might have been the slightest idea that a horrible attack would come on our own military during a time of

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